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Shirrét™ Hook Needle + Instructions

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This special Steel crochet hook needle  is a 'comfort hook'. It's easy on your hands for all crochet. Crochet luxury, crochet colorful and cheerful. Crochet rugs from fabric scraps and old clothes. Shirret™ was named ShiRRéT™ by Louise McCrady in 1968. You shirr scraps and crochet them into thick reversible rugs. 

 I manufacture my special steel needle in the US. Four McCrady generations are The Source for ShiRRéT™ crochet supplies, since 1930 and 1960. 

 Be aware there are fake look-alike plastic needles that copied our name, using Shirren with an N at the end. It is Not our product. It breaks and their instructions don't work. 

The other supposed shirret™ needle is the Rugbee needle and it is shaped for a different technique and does not work for ShiRRéT™.

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