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Special Shirrét™ Crochet Needle with How-To Beginner Instructions

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My special Steel crochet hook needle is for Shirret crochet rugs and decor. 1- Baste strips that you have cut from fabric scraps and old clothes. 2- Crochet through them with a basic crochet stitch. The result? Thick, glorious, Reversible rugs and decor fashion. SHIRR fabric scraps, and crochET them together. 

 I manufacture my special steel needle in the US. Since 1930, my four McCrady generations have been the Source for ShiRRéT™ crochet supplies.

My needle is engineered to exacting standards. Because there is a finger hold in the needle for comfort, and the needle points down for stitching, I manufacture both a Right Hand needle and a Left Hand Needle. 

 Be aware that the fake plastic needle that copied our name and logo is Not our product. It breaks and the instructions don't work. Stitching is not possible with it. 

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