Thank you for your interest in Shirrét Crochet!

The pandemic taught us to look for the humane in humanity. Earth Science teaches us that Earth is a closed ecosystem of irreplaceable atmosphere and water. The Circular Economy, outlined by UK economist Kate Raworth, asks us, as guardians, to repurpose earth's resources mindfully.

Why Shirret?

It's Creative, Right Brain exercise, a rich reward for your time.

The act of shirret-ing is a rhythm. It causes Theta brain wave meditation.

Right and left side hemispheres cross in our hands while we stitch. We fall into a comforting 'flow' state of mind, solving the questions in our busy brains. Which is ~ Science! 

Why Shirret?

To save an American Lost Art from before the US Civil War. Tragic loss, and the ladies gave up their steel needles for cannon shot. In the 1930s, Irish and French lady 'travelers' went through Indianapolis, where my grandmother and mother lived. Katrin Ent Hart Benson and her daughter, my mother Mildred 'Toni' Louise Benson McCrady learned the basics. Then they developed their own reliable stitching methods. They wrote patterns, and our book 'The Art of Shirret', and taught many crocheters. 

Why Shirret?

My grandmother picked up the cabbage rose and polka dot cotton cutting scraps from the dress factory floor. She didn't want the beautiful prints to go to waste. She made rugs with the fabric 90 years ago. I have her rugs in my collection.

 Your heirs may auction your art carpets one day, at Sotheby's or Christie's - and then enjoy a summer in San Diego or France with the  proceeds!

I'm local in Madison, Connecticut shoreline on Metro North New Haven + Greenpoint, Brooklyn NYC

@ShirretShirret Instagram ! follow me! Then post your Shirret photo in your instagram, and tag it @ShirretShirret. I'll add you on @shirretshirret! I plan to post my shirret photo collection I started in the 1980's, from the Shirret exhibits juried by Louise McCrady at The Eastern States Exposition 'The Big E'.

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