Hello Shirréters !  Get your new Quick-Start videos here! 

Can You Crochet?  Then you can Shirret beautiful luxury - from fabric scraps!  

Hi Hi ! I'm Lady McCrady, your Shirrét™ prof and authority, third generation. I've made a batch of 3-minute step-by-step Shirret videos. 

 You can learn the stitches and tricks by video, on computer or phone, wherever you are!  Shirret uses up-cycled and new fabric and two basic crochet stitches, with my special needle. Your Shirrét™ stitches can be loose and relaxed because at the end of the piece we dunk it in hot water. The stitches shrink together and look perfect and professional. DIY luxury - from fabric scraps!  

Learn by my Videos. Refresh your skills with my New How-To Videos! and Learn to Crochet!

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Two Basic Crochet stitches. No fancy ones. My Video Lessons show you Everything!

Shirret first row is a chain stitch. Easy. The rest of the piece is double crochet stitches. No stopping and starting following hard patterns!

Shirret is a special long, thin, needle that you 'baste' fabric strips onto. The needle has a hook for crocheting stitches with strong, soft cotton rug cord. Make a stitch, pull fabric OVER the stitch and off the needle. Repeat. That's the Shirret stitch! It's intuitive. 

Louise taught from 1930 to 1995 and wrote the first six editions of 'The Art of Shirret' starting in 1967. Louise and I  both created and wrote Shirret project directions for Family Circle, American Home Crafts, MademoiselleYankeeRug Hooking magazines, and more.

What's in the videos? Every basic thing, shown clearly. Every advancement. You have a high probability of Shirret success. Shirrét™ is worth learning, for a lifetime of beautiful rugs and decor. 

Elevated and Calming Thoughts

Did you know you can help your children take tests? Science shows that crossing arms or legs synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain, to problem-solve. When I give myself time to sit and Shirret, I am calmed. I focus in the present moment. I keep Shirret in a basket, handy by my sofa, for any moment I need it.

Create Her-story.

A better, more equal version of the word history. As makers and carers who create meaning and beauty, our art and passions connect us deeply to one another. We have purpose, we Lean-In, we make Change. We guide Youngers. We problem-solve for our families. Women's work is structural to well-being. Our dedication makes us steady in out-of-control times. 

Climate. Our Resolve.

Indigenous native peoples and Shinto Japanese revere and honor the land, water, cosmos. Leave the earth as it was before us. Tread lightly as we pass through. Listen to the wind, the trees, the birds. Notice the animals and their wordless language. There are Tibetan monks listening to the earth's core right now. We have a greater cause. We have a greater purpose.

Each of us Matters.

Sharing ideas and discussing and even arguing is natural. When we gather around themes, we grow and evolve. An opposite opinion might give an idea of what our neighbor is going through. Then we feel empathy for the journey they've taken. We can help if we can listen. And in return, we need to be heard.

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