Shirret™ Gathering

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Saving Earth's Ecosphere 

We recycle used scrap fabrics into comfort and style, as rugs and decor, to brighten the home. 

My mother, Louise McCrady, and her mother 

Katrin Hart Ent Benson, started teaching and sharing their rugs in the 1930s, and Louise named Shirret™ in the 60s. Bachelor of Sciences With Highest Honors, 5th in the first class to admit women at Purdue University, Louise was an early Annie in Little Orphan Annie, an Indianapolis Star city newspaper book reviewer, Big Band vocalist, and author. 

I'm Louise's daughter, Lady McCrady, shirreter. With my two grown children Lovis McC and Juliet Brett, we continue Shirrét™ with sustainability, ecology, economy, and beauty to share with others, as its core. BFA Syracuse University VPA, Sir John Cass London UK, I am a former editorial illustrator, NY, and author. MFA Hunter College CUNY, painter, adjunct professor.

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