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Inventive, "Cheap and Cheerful", rhythmic and relaxing for the brain, you'll feel productive. Recycle used scrap fabrics- while making luxury beautifulness for family and friends! 

Old striped wool socks can make a hat with a ruffle! Whether you cut up sweatshirts, or cashmere sweaters: moth holes don't show. Corduroy play clothes make childhood memory rugs. 

Shirret helps save Earth's Ecosphere. The feeling of Shirret is a comfort to cats! and children, and brightens the home. 

You, plus three of us, plus Louise, plus Katrin. 4 generations. 

Katrin Hart Ent Benson and daughter started teaching the methods for their rugs-made-from-scraps in 1930s Indianapolis. Katrin was the foreman, ILGWU, of a dress factory where she picked up the cutting room floor cotton scraps. In the 1960's, her daughter Toni Benson Louise McCrady, named their methods "Shirrét™". 

My children and I carry on the Shirret tradition to honor my mother and grandmother. Louise was a Bachelor of Sciences With Highest Honors, 5th in the first class to admit women to Purdue University. Louise was an early Annie in Little Orphan Annie, a vaudeville tap dancer with her dad, an Indianapolis Star city newspaper book reviewer, Big Band vocalist, sewist and tailor, author and teacher who inspired 60,000 people to crochet Shirret. 

I'm Louise's daughter, Lady McCrady. With my two grown children Lovis McC and Juliet Brett, we continue Shirrét™ and its core purpose. I'm an exhibiting artist and assistant professor, BFA, MFA, and author; and a former editorial illustrator and author in Boston and NYC publishing.

Videos of How to Stitch with the special needle, and to Cut and Shape Shirret Crochet

are in my new Shirrét™ Members Area, $8 for a month. Tell me what you'd like to make in Shirrét and I'll make a new pattern.

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