A beanie from hubby's swim Jams   ···  
Shirret design starts with stripey rows to oval to 24 inch by 1 inch plush, round wool-scraps rug. Color Study by Lady McCrady   ···  
​Patchwork Shirret™ squares laced together   ···  
Shirret patchwork shares made contemporary with Black and white added to bright color
Shirret™ 30 x 1 inches rug and painting by Lady McCrady
Shirret™ DIY beginner scrap cotton table mat 6 x 1 inches
Shirret ™ Target from print cotton scraps 15 x 1 inches   ···  
Polyester scraps make Shirret™
Old Blue Jeans are perfect to make Shirret™
Antique Shirret™ one of 6 chair pads
Cotton Shirret™ mat advanced   ···  
'The Art of Shirret ™ ' book   ···  

Shirrét rugs™ are made with your old clothes, curtains, sewing scraps - and yet they feel luxurious and thick. Use cotton and wool, but also polyester double knits, Italian knits, corduroy, satin linings, silk neckties. These target chair pads and rugs are made from the patterns in The Art of Shirret™ book. The Shirrét™ stitch is always a double crochet stitch and then you pull a fold off the needle. Certain rounds are called 'increase' rounds, when you pull an extra fold off the needle. If you didn't have increase rounds, the rugs would cup. If you added too many folds, the rugs would ruffle. You can't tell this until 3 rounds later- and then there's toooo much ripping out and redoing and it's frustrating! So Louise worked out mathematical formulas for the increases, and that's why years of Louise's research went in to writing the patterns - to give you perfect rugs every time.

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