A beanie crocheted from my darling's swim Jams   ···  
Shirret design starts with stripey rows to oval to 24 inch by 1 inch plush, round wool-scraps rug. Color Study by Lady McCrady   ···  
​Patchwork Shirret™ squares laced together   ···  
Shirret patchwork shares made contemporary with Black and white added to bright color
Shirret™ 30 x 1 inches rug and painting by Lady McCrady
Shirret™ DIY beginner scrap cotton table mat 6 x 1 inches
Shirret ™ Target from print cotton scraps 15 x 1 inches   ···  
Polyester scraps make Shirret™
Old Blue Jeans are perfect to make Shirret™
Antique Shirret™ one of 6 chair pads
Cotton Shirret™ mat advanced   ···  
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